Learn more advanced vocabulary, correct your grammar mistakes and speak more fluently

Business English and General English courses available - practice exercises to improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking NOW to achieve the level you require!

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    These comprehensive English courses include listening, speaking, writing and grammar skills.

    The courses are specifically designed to help you progress to the next level in English by introducing more advanced vocabulary, expressions and grammar as you progress through the course.

    Each PDF has a text to read and comprehension questions to practice understanding. The lessons also include grammar exercises, with answers keys provided to help you identify your grammar mistakes.

    With these amazing PDF worksheets, videos and audio files you can teach yourself how to speak English fluently. In addition, answer keys are provided with each PDF worksheet so that you can monitor your progress. You can be your own teacher!

    • Are you learning grammar rules and need to learn vocabulary quickly? Is it difficult for you to conjugate/construct sentences properly? Do you need to use Google translate all the time when you are speaking?
    • Do you find it difficult to find the appropriate words to describe a situation or experience? Do you need to learn more advanced English vocabulary, understand phrasal verbs and prepositions better and improve your listening skills? Are you embarrassed to participate in a conversation and discuss your opinions or ideas?
    • Do you want to speak English more fluently? Do you need to practice listening to different accents to understand native speakers better? Do you want to speak like a native English speaker?
    • For advanced students who generally speak very well, but want to become fluent and be able to speak with and understand native English speakers and different accents, complete the Advanced course with TED Talks - for general English and Business English students.

    I'm Fiona and I would love for you to meet me and get to know me, so I have made this course available for free.

    You will learn English easily and fast with these online English practice PDFs! You will speak more fluently and achieve your objectives:

    • to study abroad,
    • or get an internship,
    • maybe apply for a job in another country or
    • you want to participate and contribute in conversations with native English speakers more comfortably and confidently.

    But... what if you have a question or there is a word or phrase that you don't understand? You can send me an email! I will answer all your English questions.

    Do you want to practice writing? Send me an email! There are writing assignments and speaking topics included in the worksheets. Write to me. Answer the speaking discussions by writing it down and sending your work to me. I WANT you to do them and send it to me! I will edit your writing for you AND help you to analyse and correct your mistakes.

    I am here to help you to improve your English and achieve your objectives.

    With this self study PDF based English course you will learn English quickly by following the instructions in the courses. You will get fast results by practicing for just 30 minutes a day. In addition, you can email me at any time to ask me questions or to edit your writing. Everything you need to improve your English in one place! You get an experienced teacher to answer your questions, the best worksheets to practice your English grammar, listening, reading and writing, with videos, audio files, articles and grammar exercises to help you... and so much more.